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Choptank Electric First With Work Truck Featuring Odyne Advanced Hybrid System

Choptank Electric Cooperative in Maryland is the first electric cooperative in the U.S. to take delivery of a work truck featuring Odyne Systems LLC’s new advanced plug-in hybrid propulsion system.

The new Odyne system, which is lighter, smaller, more powerful and designed to be more robust for demanding work truck applications than Odyne’s previous systems, interfaces with a wide variety of truck mounted equipment to save fuel, reduce emissions and provide quieter operation at the work site.

The Odyne hybrid power system provides benefits over a wide range of driving and use duty cycles, saving fuel both while driving and at the job site. The advanced hybrid system for Choptank’s DUECO built truck with a Terex HR42M bucket attachment was funded in part by a grant from the Department of Energy. The truck was built and delivered by DUECO, Inc.

The new hybrid power system features Remy’s HVH250 series electric motor that boasts industry leading power density and efficiency. The HVH250 has over two billion kilometers of proven reliability on the road. The system also features lithium-ion battery technology and other proven automotive quality components. The Odyne system is the only hybrid offering that powers the air conditioning and heat in the cab while the engine is off at the jobsite, assuring operator comfort. Operators appreciate the quiet operation and greater safety at the jobsite when operators are communicating from the bucket to the ground. Operators also appreciate launch assist, which provides for good power during acceleration, climbing and turning. With regenerative braking, the system is recharged while braking during drive cycles, further extending the active workday for the vehicle.

"The Odyne Hybrid Power system delivers improved performance and is the new benchmark for medium- and heavy-duty work trucks,” said Joe Dalum, President and Chief Executive Officer of Odyne Systems. “Odyne’s unique system helps significantly reduce operating costs through higher efficiency compared to traditional diesel or gasoline engine powertrains. Operators especially appreciate the reduction in noise at job sites. There are over 800 electric cooperatives in the U.S. serving over 40 million people in 47 states.”

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