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Campfire Trailers launches first mobile business model

Campfire Trailers recently made its first mobile business model, The Mustangs, available for purchase.

The Albany NY-based company rehabs vintage horse trailers and campers, and repurposes them as modern-day businesses and tiny homes through “extensive” fabrication, painting, engineering and metal integration.

“Our culture is so quick to throw things out that appear old and used,” said Lisa Fasulo, co-owner and trailer designer at Campfire. “We see the world differently. To me, these vintage trailers come with their own stories and personalities. I’m just here to use tools and techniques to bring them up to a modern functional speed.”

The Mustang is a glossy white vintage trailer model, circa 1976, with silver trim, a curved body and spacious modern interior. Lined with new steel on the floors and corrugated metal on the walls, a variety of businesses can be run out of the mobile structure, including a mobile bar, pet grooming, coffee shop, flower van or cupcake bakery.

“The nature of the economy today is changing as more and more people join what’s called the ‘gig economy,’” Fasulo said. “We’re providing everyone with a dream an opportunity to finally own the business they have always wanted. Signing two-year leases is just not feasible in today’s climate, which is why with just one investment, an entire business is available for launching.

“We are very excited to be offering our first mobile business trailer today.”

Financing is available upon purchase, the company said, as well as shipping arrangements for interested clients.


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