Burg Silvergreen Changes Name to CIMC Silvergreen

Trailer producer Burg Silvergreen has taken on the name of its Chinese parent company, CIMC, the world's largest trailer manufacturer, in the brand name and will be known in the future as CIMC Silvergreen.

David Li, CEO of the CIMC Vehicle Group, said there are five reasons to change the brand name to CIMC Silvergreen:

“We want to benefit even more from the international reputation of our parent company CIMC. The enterprise is a well-known name that stands for competence and economic strength.

“We want to convey the values hat stand behind our brand name even more effectively: as a global player, CIMC is known for its professionalism, strength and sustainability; silver symbolizes the success of our customers to which our products and services make a decisive contribution; green stands for our intention to make the transport industry even more environmentally-friendly.

“We belong to the globally active CIMC Group and want to also make this very clear in the name. The CIMC Group is characterized by a strong team spirit and a lively exchange of views with each other - one of the keys to global success.

“We want to avoid any confusion with the Burg trailer brand which is also part of the CIMC Group. In numerous discussions, we have noticed that the distinction between the serial producer CIMC Silvergreen and the Burg brand, which stands for the manufacture of customized trailers, is not clear enough.

“Our new trailer philosophy - connecting customer success and environmental protection - is in line with CIMC corporate strategy and has also attracted great interest at our sister companies in other continents such as the USA and Australia. The re-naming as CIMC Silvergreen presents us with the opportunity to globally establish our brand as a premium brand and synonymous for high-quality, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly trailer production."

The CIMC Silvergreen brand name will now be used in all communications from the trailer manufacturer with immediate effect as well as the branding of the products.

"We made a conscious decision to implement the name change immediately and as consistently as we can in order to profit from the expected benefits of this step as early as possible," said David Li. "Important for our customers and partners is that the name continues to reflect our program."

Regarding the range of products and services as well as the production strategy with three company-owned factories in Europe and two in China, the change of name will have no effect. The existing sales and service network in Europe is to be continuously expanded. In Günzburg, Bavaria, the trailer manufacturer is currently building its European headquarters and fourth production plant which will be completed by the end of the year.

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