Brochure depicts MAC's flatbed line

MAC Trailer Manufacturing has developed its new MAC Platform Trailer brochure depicting the entire product line of flatbed trailers offered by the company. This brochure highlights the MAC tandem, step-deck, multi-axle, and Road Warrior trailers.

Using a host of visuals, the brochure displays the MAC flatbed in action, from heavy load requirements to light housing materials hauling containers, equipment, pipes, heavy coils, baled waste materials, and general product. It outlines beam ratings, standard/optional features of decking, securement, rails, bulkheads, side kits, tarping configurations, forklift setup, all-aluminum stingers, B-trains and the first all-alumium extendable.

MAC has a dedicated 200,000-square-foot platform manufacturing facility to support the market demand for the aluminum flatbeds. For more information or a copy of the new platform brochure, access

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