ATDynamics’ TrailerTail Orders Up 500% in 2012

ATDynamics, a global supplier of tractor-trailer rear-drag aerodynamics technology, said that new orders for its TrailerTail line of aerodynamic trailer fairings are up by over 500% in the first half of 2012, compared to the same period in 2011.

Orders have exceeded 12,000 units to date, with more than 100 trucking fleets now operating TrailerTail technology across the United States.

“Fleets with TrailerTails are highly visible on US highways: one in every 200 high mileage trailers is now equipped with ATDynamics’ patented TrailerTail technology,” said Andrew Smith, CEO of ATDynamics. “Fleets pulling trailers with tails are earning three cents more for every highway mile traveled than their competitors, which is why we are seeing the rapid surge in adoption. Trailers with tails are the new normal for truckload carriers.”

ATDynamics predicts that in three to five years, the majority of over-the-road semi-trailers will be equipped with aerodynamic tail technology. “Fleets without aerodynamic trailers are simply becoming less competitive,” added Smith.

The adoption of TrailerTail technology has accelerated as trucking companies follow the lead of pioneering fleets such as Mesilla Valley Transportation of Las Cruces, NM, Robert Heath Trucking of Lubbock, TX, Nussbaum Transportation of Normal, IL, JNJ Express of Memphis, TN and Spirit Truck Lines of San Juan, TX. Each of these fleets independently verified the fuel savings of TrailerTail equipment and quickly implemented initiatives for fleet wide adoption.

“Companies who are not part of fuel efficiency changes will struggle at a minimum, or worst case they’ll simply not be a part of the future of trucking,” said Joe David Garza, Head of Compliance for Spirit Truck Lines. “It was an obvious choice to adopt TrailerTails as they had a positive impact on fuel efficiency and a relatively quick ROI.”

ATDynamics reports that the reason that some trucking fleets have adopted aerodynamic trailer technology much faster than their competition relates to the compensation policies for maintenance departments. Fleets with maintenance departments that are not rewarded for improving fleet fuel economy are slow to test and deploy critical technologies compared to fleets with fuel economy targets.

To facilitate trucking fleet adoption of TrailerTail technology, ATDynamics has put in place a risk-free pilot program, which allows fleets to test up to 200 TrailerTails with no financial obligation.

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