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Drōv, ArcBest to develop a sustainable smart trailer

May 31, 2024
The project comes after the LTL carrier completed a 120-day trial of Drōv AirBoxOne technology with its city and road trailer fleet

Drōv Technologies is collaborating with ArcBest LTL carrier ABF Freight System to deliver a new sustainable smart trailer solution.

Drōv’s AirBoxOne is a smart fleet technology that captures and sends multipoint operational data directly from the vehicle to the fleet and the driver, relaying diagnostics in real time to enhance safety, security, tire life, fuel economy, and operational efficiencies. The control system integrates truck and trailer sensors into one user-friendly platform.

“Two of our core strategic priorities are safety and operational efficiency, and this cutting-edge technology aligns well,” said Seth Runser, president of ABF Freight. “The Drōv team has been a strategic partner from the start. They understand our objectives of remaining safe on the road and operating efficiently and effectively, and they have proactively addressed challenges during the initial trial period. We look forward to continued advancements with this new smart trailer solution.”

ABF completed a 120-day trial of Drōv AirBoxOne technology with its city and road trailer fleet. The company reported that the hardware components met testing standards with extremely low failure rates. The software user interface was determined to be clean, easy to navigate, and contain all relevant and historical sensor data.

The Drōv mobile application was tested at ABF’s North Little Rock, Arkansas, service center. It provided real-time in-cab notifications on the status of city trailers while the trailers were in motion—reporting issues such as tire pressure, brake lights out, and other warnings. Looking forward, in-cab notifications will include other equipment, expanding to a combination of city and road trailers. The system promotes driver awareness and increases confidence that equipment is safe to operate on the road.

The dynamic inflate/deflate tire-management system and the SKF TraX hub sensor are among the benefits of AirBoxOne to ABF’s Fleet Services group. The aim is to offer a valuable tool that can reduce the total cost of owning tires and improve ABF’s service quality by preventing unexpected breakdowns and service delays.

Following a successful Phase 1 pilot, ABF is beginning Phase 2 of its technology development with Drōv.

ABF and Drōv will also collaborate on new integrations into AirBoxOne, including blindspot cameras used with smart trailer technologies. Adding this technology to ABF tractors promotes safety awareness while on the highway. Advanced volumetrics sensors can determine whether a trailer is loaded or empty with dependable and consistent measurements of total percent full/empty or linear floor space available.

“Drōv is excited to extend this partnership and further the development work underway with ABF,” said Lisa Mullen, CEO of Drōv Technologies. “Through this partnership with one of the industry's most progressive and thoughtful LTL fleets, Drōv will continue to address the most significant challenges in the transportation space.”

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