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National Trailer Safety Week to run June 2-8

May 28, 2024
The safety initiative is meant to promote safe light- and medium-duty towing practices and offers information on hitching, loading, maintenance, and more

The National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) will be hosting National Trailer Safety Week (TSW) from June 2-8, 2024. This annual safety initiative is designed to unite trailer manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, and end-users to enhance towing safety and promote awareness of safe towing practices for light- and medium-duty trailers.

National Trailer Safety Week is committed to providing information on towing techniques, loading practices, and maintenance guidelines to a wide audience of trailer users nationwide. By fostering connections with trailer dealers, manufacturers, suppliers, law enforcement, and traffic safety groups, this initiative aims to empower end-users with the knowledge needed for safe and responsible towing.

To participate, drivers, manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers can explore National Trailer Safety Week’s website, which covers a variety of topics related to safer towing practices. This includes safety and maintenance information as well as hitching, loading, cargo securement, tire care, driving tips, selecting the right vehicle-trailer combination, brake systems, and how to choose NATM-compliant trailers.

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