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NATDA plans to launch industry data insights program

May 23, 2024
The program will be free for dealers who opt-in to participate, and will work toward creating actionable insights for NATDA's dealer network overall

The North American Trailer Dealers Association (NATDA) announced today its plans to launch an NATDA Industry Insights Program called NATDAii. The program aims to collect, analyze, and report anonymized data from NATDA's dealership network to generate actionable insights for the organization and its dealer network.

“We at NATDA are excited about the potential this program has to deliver immense value to our member base,” said Andria Gibbon, CEM, executive director of NATDA. “NATDAii is poised to deliver anonymized insights into industry trends to its dealer members, which will allow dealerships to benchmark sales, service, and operations performance, identify opportunities for line expansion and profit center expansion, and more.”

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NATDA will be kicking off an opt-in period for its dealer members. Those dealers interested in receiving these free reports will need to opt-in to participate in straightforward, secure data sharing that can be done automatically. In the coming weeks, NATDA will extend an invitation to all active dealer members, which will explain the opt-in process and detail the privacy and security measures used to protect their privacy and data.

“The privacy and data protection of our dealer members will be paramount as we work together to understand the market better,” said Corey Langley, NATDA director of exhibits and partnerships. “To protect dealer data, the NATDAii program data will be transferred and stored securely in adherence to SOC2 standards, a rigorous framework widely used to ensure security and privacy in various industries, including healthcare and finance. Regional reports will be compiled in such a way to ensure individual dealership data remains anonymous and unidentifiable.”

Dealers who wish to participate can enroll at

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