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Felling designs Self-Loading Turret Reel trailer

Nov. 1, 2019
Felling Trailers recently showcased its Self-Loading Turret Reel trailer.

Felling Trailers recently showcased its Self-Loading Turret Reel trailer, which it says is a valuable tool for any utility fleet.

With a 360-degree hydraulically operated rotating turret assembly, the FT-14-2 R Turret can lock into any position when the directional control valve is released. The turret’s self-loading feature eliminates the need for extra equipment and operators to lift and load the reel, as on a fixed reel trailer, Felling said.

The hydraulic payout/take-up assembly is a sealed gear-driven unit with no chains or sprockets to break or wear out. The drive unit is smooth and quiet to operate, and easily engages and disengages from the reel bar. Not only does it payout and retrieve, but it also has optional hydraulic braking capabilities. Hydraulic brake tensioning eliminates the heat generated by traditional caliper and rotor, Feeling maintained, reducing line gallop and allowing for a longer tensioning duration. The generated heat is absorbed in the hydraulic oil and dissipated by the oil cooler.

The hydraulic tensioning feature can be used in overhead conductor installation and replacement. For the oil and gas industry, this feature can be used for servicing existing wells, new deployment of ESP cable, retrieval and redeployment of ESP cable for the replacement or repair of the submersible pumps, as well as deployment and retrieval for capillary tube operations.

The unit comes standard with an onboard hydraulic power supply. Felling uses a Honda GX 390 gas engine with electric start and recoil backup. The power pack is equipped with a 25-gallon hydraulic reservoir with a hydraulic oil return filter and a lockable theft-resistant enclosure. The FT-14-2 R Turret is rated for 2,250-psi continuous and 2,900-psi max, and provides 8 GPM.

For more information, visit www.felling.com.

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