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Fontaine’s new 55L lowbed trailer delivers larger payload

April 11, 2019
Fontaine Heavy-Haul recently introduced a trailer designed to carry heavy loads in a lighter package.

Fontaine Heavy-Haul, which specializes in lowbed trailers, recently introduced a trailer designed to carry heavy loads in a lighter package—the new Fontaine Magnitude 55L.

“The Fontaine Magnitude 55L is designed for haulers that do not need a spread axle setup and want to maximize their payload,” said Todd Anderson, vice president of sales and marketing. “Since the new Magnitude 55L operates close-coupled only, our engineering team managed to shed 2,000 pounds in the design.

“So if a hauler only needs three or four axles close-coupled, the new Magnitude 55L will carry an additional ton of payload.”

Fontaine said the new lowbed trailer handles 55 tons in only 13 feet. Fabricated with 100,000-pound minimum yield steel flanges, the Magnitude 55L is built tough and designed to provide years of reliable service. The trailer boasts a 26-foot clear deck length and a loaded deck height of 18 inches, with 6 inches of ground clearance.

The 55L also features the most versatile hydraulic removable gooseneck in the industry, Fontaine claimed. It can be connected and disconnected in a matter of seconds—not minutes—and can connect or disconnect on uneven ground.

A wide variety of accessories are available. Check with a local dealer for the right configuration for each application, and visit for more information.