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Heil develops 5-axle, 12,000-gallon petroleum trailer

March 27, 2019
Heil Trailer recently introduced a five-axle, 12,000-gallon petroleum trailer.

Heil Trailer recently introduced a five-axle, 12,000-gallon petroleum trailer that enables customers in the Northwest United States to haul more in fewer runs. 

The new trailer is the result of a collaboration between Heil Trailer and its dealer, Semi Service in Salt Lake City UT, to design a trailer with greater hauling capability for Sinclair Oil, which has operated Heil Trailer products for more than 30 years.

“We’re really impressed with what we’ve been able to do with this trailer,” said Danny Hansen, manager of truck operations at Sinclair Oil. “We’ve been able to increase our product haul per load and reduce our fuel consumption. As a result, we’ve succeeded in increasing revenue while also reducing operational costs.

“The five-axle trailer provides straighter and more controlled braking, so our drivers feel more comfortable operating it over driving pup trailers. It’s been a very good move for us and we plan to order another five-axle in the future.”

The five-axle trailer specifically was designed to meet transportation challenges in Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, South Dakota, Washington, Oregon and Montana.

An option to standard four-axle, 11,500-gallon petroleum trailers, the five-axle trailer is manufactured with next-generation aluminum components that help minimize tare weight. This lightweight aerodynamic design has been shown to reduce fuel consumption by 8%, Heil said. Along with a lower center of gravity that enhances rollover stability, the new trailer also increases payload by as much as 6%.

“Heil Trailer continues to listen to industry needs and provide customers with more efficient and safer transportation solutions that drive their bottom line,” said Ryan Rockafellow, vice president of sales and marketing at EnTrans International, Heil’s parent company. “We received overwhelmingly positive feedback during the recent Western Petroleum Marketers Association (WPMA) conference, where the new five-axle trailer was displayed.”

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