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Navajo updating trailer fleet with latest aerodynamic tech

March 22, 2019
Navajo Express recently revealed new standard truck and trailer specs designed to optimize fuel efficiency.

Navajo Express, a nationwide shipping and trucking company, recently revealed new standard truck and trailer specs designed to optimize fuel efficiency and help Navajo’s customers reduce their carbon footprint.

All new Navajo trucks and trailers will feature advanced aerodynamic and fuel efficient technologies.  

Navajo said its motivation to take a leadership position with respect to efficiency and the environment comes from the experience that sustainability supports a positive partnership between carrier and shipper.

“In today’s business environment we need to be able to transport goods with the least amount of fuel possible in order to be competitive,” said Kyle Wallace, senior director of business intelligence and analytics.

“At the same time, our customers rely on us to help them to achieve their sustainability goals, which often includes an aggressive carbon emissions reduction target.” 

All new Navajo power units are Kenworth T-680 sleeper tractors with the latest aerodynamic and efficiency technologies. Auxiliary power units and FlowBelow Tractor AeroKit systems are standard for Navajo.

“When we first evaluated the FlowBelow system we demonstrated a two percent gain in fuel economy,” Wallace said. “With impressive fuel savings like that, not only are we able to operate more efficiently, but we are also able to help our customers cut their trucking-related CO2 emissions by approximately 2%.”

Navajo’s fleet is mostly compromised of 53-foot trailers, but the company recently was recognized for its innovative 57-foot lightweight trailer-tractor combination.

All new Navajo trailers feature automatic tire inflation, tail fairings, Transtex side skirts and FlowBelow wheel covers. The company said its fleet also is evaluating FlowBelow’s latest product, the Trailer AeroSlider system.

“With the changes to our trailer spec going forward, we anticipate making a significant impact on the overall fuel economy of our fleet,” Wallace said. “Transtex and FlowBelow were able to work together and supply a comprehensive aerodynamic system for our trailers, which as a package far exceeds the mandated requirements from CARB (California Air Resources Board).”

Navajo Express is one of the first fleets to deploy this new aerodynamic combination package from FlowBelow and Transtex, the company said.