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Felling refines IT-I Series trailers to improve features, strength

Jan. 25, 2019
Felling Trailers recently refined the IT-I Series of trailers to incorporate additional standard features.

The engineering team at Felling Trailers recently refined the IT-I Series of trailers to incorporate additional standard features, structural strength and ease-of-use.

All of Felling’s 2020 model year IT-I tilt trailers will feature the new advanced design.

Advanced standard specifications:

  • Hitch area redesigned with a more user-friendly, integrated nose plate.
  • Cylinder lugs, the point where the cushion cylinders attach to the crossmembers, with added structural integrity for cylinder crossmembers.
  • Lighting—Dual stop/turn taillights on the rear of the fenders are incorporated into the standard design, delivering ideal placement of the light system, along with safeguarding it from damage when loading/unloading equipment.
  • Tie-down placement—D-rings formerly located on the topside rail behind the fender on the rear of the tilt deck now are located on the side of the trailer bed. This was done so the D-ring location is at the widest point of the deck, providing operator’s ease-of-use when securing equipment.
  • Operator-friendly tilt deck latch design.

Model changes/enhancements from previous design:

  • FT-10IT-I and FT-12IT-I are built to the same spec (7,000-pound axles and 16-inch tires) but the FT-10IT-I does not have reflective tape and boasts a gross vehicle weight rating of 9,980 lbs.
  • FT-14IT-I now has 215/75R17.5-inch tires on plate wheels standard.
  • New design FT-14IT-I has an 8-inch I-beam frame, compared to the 6-inch I-beam on the previous model.

For more information, visit felling.com or call 1 800 245 2809.

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