Neil Abt/Fleet Owner
FlowBelow's Trailer AeroSlider Stage 2 system recently received the US Environmental Protection Agency's SmartWay verification.

EPA verifies FlowBelow's AeroSlider Stage 2 system

Oct. 30, 2018
FlowBelow Aero says its Trailer AeroSlider Stage 2 system recently received EPA's SmartWay verification.

FlowBelow Aero says its Trailer AeroSlider Stage 2 system recently received SmartWay verification from the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Instead of attaching to the body of the trailer, the Stage 2 system is mounted directly to the sliding trailer suspension and travels with the suspension. The AeroSlider consists of multiple components including “quick-release” wheel covers, fairings positioned between and behind the trailer wheels, and aerodynamic mud flaps behind them.

The system is designed to complement other trailer-mounted aerodynamic devices such as trailer skirts and tails. It was developed using computational fluid dynamics and rolling-floor wind tunnel testing. It recently was validated to provide up to a 2.07% fuel savings.

“We believe that the Trailer AeroSlider has the potential for achieving widespread adoption within three to four years.” said Josh Butler, CEO of FlowBelow Aero. “This approach seems to be the most practical way to address the aerodynamics of the trailer tandem without sacrificing durability or accessibility.”

FlowBelow also said its fuel saving “quick-release” wheel covers are now offered as a factory option on all International LT and RH Series trucks.

The wheel covers also will be included on International’s “MPG package” for the LT Series. The design provides tool-free access to the wheel end via a patented “push and turn” quick-release latching system, FlowBelow said.