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Hillsboro introduces tandem-axle aluminum trailer

June 15, 2018
Hillsboro Industries recently introduced a new tandem-axle aluminum open car trailer.

Hillsboro Industries recently introduced a new tandem-axle aluminum open car trailer. 

The new model features polished aluminum corner caps and aluminum rub rail sides that allow side-loading capabilities for smaller ATVs and lawnmowers. The trailer is designed as a multi-purpose hauling trailer, so one trailer can replace several others.

Hillsboro is known for engineering and designing trailers with unique standard features. This car trailer includes:

·         Tube cross members that give 20-times torsional stiffness vs. traditional I-beam construction

·         Hillsboro’s exclusive rear stabilizer jacks in each rear corner 

·         All-aluminum construction with extruded floor and side rub/tie rail

·         2-7’6”x12” HD aluminum ramps (rated at 2000 pounds each) with anti-rattle storage with doors

This model is available in 16-, 18- and 20-foot sizes, with 3,500-lb rubber torsion electric brake axles standard. The trailer has a 20-inch floor height combined with long ramps, allowing for the loading of low-clearance vehicles easier than other trailers.

It also features 82½-in clearance between the removable aluminum fenders, providing flexibility in loading, and standard tie rail and four swivel tie downs make securing loads easy. Plus, with the tie rail, side-loading ATVs is easy, too. The trailer also comes with a 10-year structural warranty from a 50-year-old company.

The optional Hillsboro Exclusive Clear View Aero Guard allows you to see your load while driving, allowing for safe hauling of precious cargo. Other popular options are a front bump stop rail, winch plate and spare aluminum tire and wheel.

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