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NATM launches ‘trailer safety’ week, website

May 31, 2018
NATM Convention and Trade Show 2018 coverage

Among the projects in the works at the convention this year, NATM began gearing up for its inaugural National Trailer Safety week, an event conceived to encourage trailer manufacturers to better communicate with end-users to make towing safer. National Trailer Safety week is set for June 3-9.

NATM has called upon trailer dealers and manufacturers across the nation to participate. End-users are “vastly undereducated” on the proper use of trailers, and it is crucial to utilize the connections that dealers and manufacturers have with consumers in order to disseminate crucial how-to information regarding proper towing, loading, and maintenance to improve the safety of the nation’s roadways, NATM says.

NATM conducted a needs assessment and surveyed trailer dealers across the country to better understand these issues and, using the feedback, developed resources and materials focusing on a number of key areas regarding proper towing techniques and trailer maintenance.

The association hopes to partner with trailer dealerships to distribute resources these and educate the public. First, to provide consumers a compilation of easily accessible information, NATM is creating a website dedicated solely to educating end-users about trailer safety, www.TrailerSafetyWeek.com. 

This resource will focus on hitching, loading, maintenance, cargo securement, tires, driving tips, ensuring the right vehicle combination, brakes, and the NATM Compliance Verification Program.

The website will feature informational videos including NATM member’s content, which gives end-users audio and visual training. The site will have instantly printable material so that dealers can offer their customers additional resources. 

NATM also has encouraged trailer manufacturing members to participate as hosts of onsite Trailer Safety Week events. Held in different regions across the United States, these in-person events will welcome dealers to trailer manufacturing facilities. 

During these events, dealers will learn about the NATM Compliance Verification Program and the importance of trailers being built to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. 

In addition, attendees will learn about the resources available for dealers to offer end-users. Copies of NATM’s Trailer Safety Handbook will be distributed, as well as keychains that feature the NATM Trailer Safety Week website for dealers to give to their end-users.

For more information, visit www.NATM.com, www.TrailerSafetyWeek.com, or email NATM Assistant Di-rector Meghan Ryan at [email protected].

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