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MAC introduces latest pneumatic tank

May 31, 2018
Mid-America Truck Show 2018 coverage

Among the equipment displayed in MAC Trailer’s large space at MATS, the new MAC-1680 pneumatic tank trailer stood out. Billed as a trailer that is “revolutionizing” the industry and as the lightest plastic hauler in the world, the trailer comes in with a weight as low as 9,850 lbs. 

The food-grade vessel features a monocoque frameless design and a clean bore smooth exterior with external rings. The aluminum vessel has a polished finish, including end cones, and hoppers. The MAC-1680 is topped with four 20-in. manholes with aluminum cams and nylon wear plates.

Among the other specs, for piping/fittings:

• Top Air: 4-in. Aluminum Line with 4-in. BTI BlackMaxx butterfly control valve with Allomaxx disc

• Product Tee: 5-in. x 4-in. BTI SiphonFlow easy open tee

• Product Line: 4-in. Sch. 40 aluminum product line manifold connected to product tees with groove by smooth cam-on couplings

• Optional Front Cleanout:  4-in. cast aluminum cleanout with 4-in. adapter and dust cap located forward of first product tee. 

• Discharge Line: 4-in. aluminum tube over axle discharge with 4-in. weld-on adapter and dust cap. 

For vacuum: 

• BTI Spinflow Filter with Air to Air cooler on inlet 

• 20-in canister, option to 30-in.

• Two 6-in load lines in rear with option for 4 or 5-in. 

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