Canadian Transportation Equipment Association presents news from both sides of the border at annual Manufacturers Conference in Vancouver

Feb. 2, 2017
CTEA 2016 Coverage

Face time with government officials, analysis of trailer aerodynamics, and a forum on trailer manufacturing were among the topics addressed at the 53rd annual Canadian Transportation Equipment Association held October 24-26 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Details on these presentations can be found in our January print issue pages 28-46 and on the links below.

In addition, the association held its annual business meeting, which included a “state of the association address by President Suzy Leveille, president of the association’s board. Among the association’s activities of the past year:

•  Jeremy Harrower, manager of technical programs, continued to assist members with National Safety Mark and pre-clearance applications. Transport Canada enforcement activity and specifically a large number of paper audits have significantly added to his workload over the past year, in part the result of continued requests from Transport Canada for compliance documentation being sent out to NSM holders.

•  Don Moore, executive director, represented CTEA before voice is heard in Ottawa and elsewhere. Key topics included Environment Canada’s Heavy Duty Vehicle and Engine Greenhouse Gas Working Group, which Moore sits on.

•  Moore also is a member of the Vehicle Sector Working Group, another Environment Canada stakeholder committee. This group will be considering the Chemicals Management Plan (CMP) of Environment Canada. This plan covers a broad range of chemicals used to manufacture and maintain commercial trucks and trailers.

•  CTEA is monitoring activity in the US around trailer rear impact guards. Although the Final Rule has yet to be issued by the NHTSA. The US agency has announced that they are revisiting the 30% off-set test that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has requested. CTEA expects changes in US underride regulations will prompt Transport Canada to revisit Canadian requirements. This would impact the underride guard program that CTEA developed for its members, possibly requiring redesign and retesting the solutions that the association has developed.

Leveille also touched on some of the programs CTEA has developed for its members. They include:

•  The JOB-FILE LoadXpert III, CTEA’s popular software tool created to perform common engineering calculations associated with commercial vehicles.

•  Risk Management workshops. CTEA conducted five last year across Canada.

•  On the international trade front, the CTEA continues to monitor the ongoing negotiations relating to the Canada/US border security and the free flow of goods and services between the two countries.

“This issue affects all Canadians, and particularly those of us who depend on the prompt shipment of components used in manufacturing to our facilities and the shipment of our finished products throughout the Canadian/US market,” Leveille said.

•  A captive insurance solution designed and managed by, members to insulate those involved from the volatility of insurance premiums and the influence of external forces.

•  Cost-effective life and health benefits packages for member company employees. In addition, CTEA’s our new partner La Capitale provides income protection, particularly for business owners and senior management.

President of the board
Suzy Leveille
Remorques CFT Inc
Ste-Anne-des-Plaines, QC

Vice-president of the board
Evan Doepker
Doepker Industries Ltd
Annaheim, SK

Director of the board
Shannon Bell
Wheel Monitor
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

Director of the board
François Gouin
ABS Remorques Inc
Asbestos, QC

Director of the board
Greg Grabinsky
Peterbilt Canada,
Mississauga, ON

Director of the board
David Mizgala
Innovative Trailer Design Industries
Mississauga, ON

Director of the board
Jeff Simms
Link Suspensions of Canada
Raydan Div
Nisku, AB

Director of the board
Stephen Vezina
Mailhot Industries
Terrebonne, QC

Director of the board
Tim Woolley
Falcon Equipment Limited
Surrey, BC


For more information check out CTEA.

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