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Five honored for truck and trailer innovations

Feb. 1, 2009
What were the most innovative products at the recent IAA Commercial Vehicle Show? A panel of European trade publications chose five. The awards went to

What were the most innovative products at the recent IAA Commercial Vehicle Show? A panel of European trade publications chose five.

The awards went to companies offering advancements in five categories: trailer, chassis, body, safety, and component. Here are the winners: 

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Top body award

Curtainsider without curtains. The complete structure of the Libner Open Box Evolution folds up and slides forward to store in the front 1.3 meters of this trailer. The company combines the rigidity of a van with the flexibility of a sliding curtain thanks to its hinged aluminum panels.

Top component (photo not available)

EBS for trailers. Knorr Bremse won top component honors for its electronic braking system for trailers. The braking functions of anti-lock, load sensing, and roll stability are electronically managed within the TEBS G2 control module. The company's TEBS G2 product offers a variety of capabilities, including integrated roll stability and tilt angle detection — a useful feature for dump trailer applications. The system operates on a variety of voltages, making it compatible with trailers in multiple markets worldwide.

Top chassis

Classy chassis. Belgian trailer manufacturer Faymonville AG introduced its MegaMax-PA heavy hauler trailer and won the IAA's top chassis award. The trailer combines the ability to extend with the ability to steer. The rear axles (each rated at 26,455 pounds) provide a 60° steering angle for enhanced maneuverability. The trailer has a tare weight of 12,000 kilograms, but it boasts a GVW rating of 103,617 pounds.

Top safety product:

Gentlemen, this is a fifthwheel. But not just any fifthwheel. The Jost KKS fifthwheel is a completely automated system that enables a tractor and trailer to be connected without requiring the driver to get out of the cab. The special “stinger” extending from the fifthwheel contains air and electrical plugs that connect with corresponding connectors on the trailer as the trailer is coupled. A display in the cab reveals the status of all systems. The KKS was named top safety product at the IAA.

Top concept.

Covered equipment trailer. Kurt Dinkel Karroserrie Fahrzeugbau GmbH won the top concept award at IAA for its lowbed curtainsider designed to transport heavy machinery. The Dinkel semitrailer offers extremely low bed height for transporting tall loads and is easily detachable to allow equipment to be loaded with the deck directly on the ground. Its curtain sides offer protection even for over-height and width machinery. The roof is hydraulically adjustable, enabling loads to clear the upper rails during the loading process.

Dinkel claims to be the oldest auto-related company in Germany. The firm traces its roots back to 1540 when it put shoes on horses and built simple carts for transporting sandstone.