Attending the TTMA Engineering Committee at the TTMA convention are [front row, left to right]: Dan Giles, Fontaine Trailer Company; George Gauntt, Kentucky Trailer; Chris Lee, Great Dane Trailers; Jeff Bennett, Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co; Shannon Richardson, XL Specialized Trailers; Rod Ehrlich, Wabash National; Jeff Thompson, Timpte, Inc; Gary Fenton, Stoughton Trailers LLC; and John Freiler, TTMA. Back row: Rick Mullininx, Great Dane Trailers; Allen Peacock, Fontaine Trailer Company; Charlie Fetz, Great Dane Trailers; Jay Kulyk, Rogers Brothers Corporation; Andy Grow, East Manufacturing Company; Dave Shannon, MAC LTT; Ed Mansell, MAC LTT; Nick Eby, M.H. Eby Inc; John Rust, Trail King Industries; Peter Weis, Polar Tank Trailer LLC; and Tom Anderson, LBT Inc.

Engineering Committee provide rulemaking input

July 5, 2016
The TTMA Engineering Committee reviewed several key regulatory actions during the TTMA convention. Among the regulatory items

The TTMA Engineering Committee reviewed several key regulatory actions during the TTMA convention.

Among the regulatory items:

• The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is at work on revisions to its rear underride guard regulations.

• TTMA has been working with the Transportation Safety Equipment Institute to get strobe lights authorized on certain types of trailers.

• Phase 2 of EPA and NHTSA’s greenhouse gas proposal is expected to be published shortly.

• The committee has been communicating with EPA regarding its Notice of Data Availability’s Authority and audit memos.

• Mexico may modify its rules regarding conspicuity tape. Details are expected to be presented at the committee’s summer meeting scheduled for July 28 at The Embassy Suites Hotel in Alexandria, Virginia.

The Committee reviewed correspondence from Southwest Research institute and the California Air Resources Board. They also approved a guidance letter to CVSA to help determine out of service criteria for bolted slide rails.

The Committee reviewed several TTMA publications and reissued the following:

• RP 97 - Trailer Antilock Braking System Wiring

• TB 119 - Electrical Interface
for Truck-Trailer Interconnection

The committee expressed its gratitude to associate members who have hosted meetings. Rick Quinn of Steel Warehouse will host this year’s Associate-Hosted Meeting October 26-27. Future meeting volunteers are as follows:

2017: Andy Kinnucan of Hoosier Tank and Manufacturing

2018: Bill Schaffer of Overseas Hardwoods

2019: Steve Meagher of Peterson Manufacturing

2020: Dave Laeunesse of Phillips Industries

2021: Steve Miller of AXN Heavy Duty

Gary Fenton, left, presents a plaque to George Gauntt of Kentucky Trailer in recognition of his service to TTMA. Fenton, Stoughton Trailers, served as vice-chairman during Gauntt’s term as chairman and is now serving as chairman of the TTMA Engineering Committee.

This meeting marks the close of George Gauntt’s tenure as Committee Chairman. Gary Fenton of Stoughton Trailers will be assuming that role and John Rust of Trail King industries was approved as Vice Chairman for the 2016-2018 term. ♦

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