Talbert Manufacturing Acquires Ferree Trailers

Nov. 5, 2014
Talbert Manufacturing has acquired Ferree Trailers of Liberty, North Carolina.

Talbert Manufacturing has acquired Ferree Trailers of Liberty, North Carolina, adding scope to Talbert, while also providing products that will take the company into new market segments.

“Ferree is a strong complement to the Talbert line,” said Andy Tanner, Talbert president. “Like Talbert, Ferree is known for high-quality trailers and a strong commitment to the customer. The acquisition of Ferree Trailers provides us with a wider product offering to serve our customer needs and a large, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with quality people that offers tremendous opportunity.”

The Ferree line includes detachable, fixed and folding gooseneck trailers and tag-a-longs as well as specialty trailers such as logging, pole and crane boom trailers. These specialty trailers provide designs and market opportunities that weren’t previously part of the Talbert line.

Ferree’s 60,000-square-foot, ultramodern manufacturing facility in Liberty, North Carolina, provides opportunity for expanded manufacturing capabilities and a distribution center on the East Coast.

“A significant number of Talbert trailers are sold up and down the East Coast,” said Greg Smith, vice president of sales & marketing. “This new facility in North Carolina not only gives us the ability to increase production and reduce lead times, but also provides us a distribution point to access customers with reduced freight costs and delivery times. In the trailer industry, that is huge.”

Smith said the Ferree acquisition is another example of Talbert’s ongoing commitment to the heavy haul and specialty trailer market and will only serve to strengthen the brand and offer a broader line of solutions to the existing customer segment.