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Australian Manufacturer Updates Steel Dump Trailer

June 3, 2014
Tipper trailer manufacturer Hamelex White has released its updated steel tip-over-axle trailer, the “STOA3”.

Tipper trailer manufacturer Hamelex White has released its updated steel tip-over-axle trailer, the “STOA3”.

Released in time for grain season and with an all-new look, the company says the new design is stronger, yet lighter than its predecessor, which it says will translate into a longer life and higher payloads for customers.

Hamelex White General Manager, Craig Wallace, said that the new steel tip-over-axle model had a number of improved design features.

“We have engineered this trailer with the customer in mind. Everything from the wheels up was re-considered in order to come up with a ground breaking new design,” he said. “The first thing people will notice is the striking new appearance. The rounded sides are gone in favor of a new, squarer look. Operators will also notice new designs for the front wall and tailgate.”

“However, the most important part of the STOA3 is the reduced tare weight,” Craig continued. “We’ve been able to produce a trailer that is 250kg lighter than the previous model. That means 250kg more payload, per trip, which translates into greater profit for operators.”

“This has all been without loss of trailer strength. In fact, the new design is actually more robust than the previous model.”

Craig puts the STOA3’s increased robustness down to a number of features, including the squarer side walls, along with new tailgate and top rail designs.

“The squarer walls are inherently stronger by design, in comparison to the rounded walls on the previous model,” he said. “Meanwhile the tailgate and top rail are two critical points on tippers with regards to their overall hardiness. They are prone to suffering impact from transported product when loading and unloading, so as a result we ensured we spent ample time in engineering a stiffer, tougher solution.”

Another user-friendly modification has been the incorporation of hinged rear mudflaps, to aid in ease of tipping.

“On previous designs, you would often see drivers tie up the rear mudflaps behind the trailer so that they didn’t break off when tipping, which significantly reduces their effectiveness,” Craig claimed. “The hinged design means that the mudflaps automatically fold underneath the trailer when tipping, with no adjustment required from the driver. This means the mudflaps work more effectively out on the road and have increased durability.”

Hamelex White’s new STOA3 steel tip over axle model is a tri-axle trailer, available in single, B-Double or road train configurations and is ideal for carrying bulk products such as grain, gypsum and lime. A quarry-spec model is also available as well as a bogey-axle STOA2. The STOA3 is now available through Hamelex White’s Australian dealer network.