New hydraulic removable goosenecks from Kalyn Siebert

Oct. 14, 2013

Kalyn Siebert has completely redesigned and reengineered its hydraulic removable gooseneck (HRG) trailer.

The new HRG trailer, now one of the lightest and strongest in the industry, will be offered in two series:  a cost-effective Commercial series and the heavy-duty Extreme series.

The KSHRG-3-51T, which starts at 18,000 pounds, is available in the Commercial series. The KSHRG-3-55T, which starts at 19,800 pounds, is available in the Commercial and the new Extreme series.

“With our new design, we are delivering a 400-pound weight savings on what was already one of the lightest trailers on the market,” stated Managing Director Ryan Rockafellow. “We’ve also strengthened the neck-to-deck connection, the alignment trough and the neck shims. The result is a trailer that’s extremely stable and easy to operate.”

The new neck-to-deck connection incorporates front deck pins that are two and a half times larger and stronger than standard pins. The new pins are contoured to better match the neck paddle, causing less stress on the trailer and allowing for a safer, more positive connection.

The alignment trough has also been completely overhauled; the new design has been unitized to eliminate unnecessary welds. This has strengthened the design by 15 percent and ensures a consistent, flat surface that – along with the larger front deck pins and larger neck paddles – makes connecting and removing the gooseneck easier.

The neck shims in the new HRG trailers have also been unitized. Like the alignment trough, the new neck shim design is 15 percent stronger. It also delivers better lateral stability, with less of the “mushrooming” that frequently occurs with standard T1 shims, which in turn helps ensure a longer service life.

Manufacturing of the new HRG trailers has already begun at the Kalyn Siebert facility in Gatesville, Texas.  For details, visit or call (254) 248-3327.