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CIMC introducing climate-neutral container chassis

Oct. 7, 2013

CIMC Silvergreen is presenting the carbon-neutral container chassis at the Intermodal Europe 2013 fair from 8th-10th October 2013in Hamburg, Germany. 

In so doing, the Neu-Ulm based trailermanufacturer now offers two vehicle types from its climate-neutral production range. CIMCSilvergreen launched its first climate-neutral semitrailer at the IAA 2012.

"The container chassisis the nextlogicalstep in the implementationof our corporate philosophyin which the economic successof our customers(silver) andclimate protection(green) have been targeted as equalobjectives." explained CIMCSilvergreen Director, Stefan Oberdörfer.

For theChassis SC03 container chassis, CIMC Silvergreen has now likewise analyzed all components and processes along with calculating their CO2 balance in accordance with internationally recognized rules. The result: starting with the material production and subsequent assembly through to delivery, currently 21.7 tons of CO2 are generated when realizing each Chassis SC03. CIMC Silvergreen compensates this value through financial participation in selected and TÜV-certified environmental projects in Germany, Kenya and China, whereby the same level of greenhouse gases are avoided. The costs are borne exclusively by CIMC Silvergreen. At the handover, the customer receives a 100 climate-neutral vehicle.

CIMC Silvergreen currently offers the Chassis SC03 container chassis in the most requested version which features a rear extender. The gooseneck chassis is suitable for loading containers up to 40’ in length. Thanks to the rear push-out system, 20’ containers can be loaded flush with the rear frame or centrally, 30’ containers flush with the rear frame and 40’ containers with or without a tunnel. The SC03 is one of the lightest vehicles on the market in its class. Nevertheless, the chassis is approved for fifth wheel loads up to 15 tonnes and can be used with a three-axle tractor as an option.

CIMCSilvergreen engineers have placed great emphasis on user-friendliness and the chassis is equipped with pneumatic rear extender as well as a pneumatic locking system. The centrally-positioned extension with a redundant extension securing mechanism slides on maintenance-free plastic pads and is guided by spring-assisted rollers. These ensure a long-lasting smooth extension procedure on a maintenance-free basis. The pneumatic cylinder is mounted internally and is thus protected from dirt or damage.

As standard, various container locking options for 20’, 30’ and 40’ HC containers are included. Height-adjustable locking devices and supports for 40’ ISO containers are also available. On the front container carrier, the Chassis SC03 is equipped with a robust container guide in the extension of the main beam. This fulfils a number of functions: it protects the supply connections which are directly arranged in front of the container and supports the positioning of the container onto the locking devices. The guide is low enough, however, to allow the doors to be opened when unloading 20’ containers at the front.

CIMC Silvergreen is a new German trailer manufacturer with headquarters in Neu-Ulm, Germany. The enterprise is part of the Chinese CIMC (China International Marine Containers) Group which is the world´s largest producer of containers and semitrailers. Currently, CIMC Silvergreen has five company-owned production and supplier plants in Belgium, The Netherlands, Austria and China. At the end of 2013, production will commence at another facility located at the new company headquarters in Günzburg in the state of Bavaria. At present, CIMC Silvergreen has a worldwide workforce of around 300 employees.