Strick Releases New Curtainside Trailer

March 12, 2009
The Strick Corporation unveiled its latest product, the Strick Curtainside Trailer

The Strick Corporation unveiled its latest product, the Strick Curtainside Trailer, built in conjunction with Roland Curtains of Arlington, Texas.

“We are very excited about this trailer and with our partnership with Roland Curtains,” said Ben Katz, Marketing Manager for Strick. “We have been building specialty flatbeds for some time now and teaming up with Roland in order to be able to offer a curtainsider to our customers will help expand our increasingly diverse product line.”

The Strick Curtainside Trailer features Roland’s RolaFreight curtains, which are produced with a 28-ounce 2x2 Panama double thread weave. For even greater strength, vertical and horizontal webbing reinforcements are welded to the interior of the curtains.

Also standard on the trailer is a vinyl valence seal along the exterior top rail that helps ensure that water stays out of the trailer as well as rolling roof support pillars that slide out of the way for even easier side loading. The lower structure of the trailer is finished with Strick’s industry leading 70% zinc-rich epoxy paint system, which prevents rusting and corrosion.

The trailer also comes standard with aluminum side rails and an Apitong wood floor giving it a tare weight of 14,500 pounds. Optional features such as an aluminum floor and aluminum wheels can also reduce the weight for customers who are weight conscious.

Due to its flexible manufacturing processes, Strick can build this trailer in various lengths and drop deck configurations in order to meet various customer needs. Additional options include an aerodynamic nosecone, pull-out ladders and various forklift mounting packages.