Wabash National To Hold Industry Open House

Feb. 26, 2009
Wabash National will host an industry wide open house later this year

In the midst of a global recession, many companies are looking at creative and cost effective ways to market their products and gain awareness with current and prospective customers. Wabash National has done just that by deciding to host an industry wide open house later this year.

“The current macro-economic environment has presented the unique opportunity to take a close, hard look at how we spend our advertising and promotion dollars,” said Bruce Ewald, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Wabash National. “The outcome of this review was a desire to be more resourceful with the ways we market to our customers. Being able to strategically plan an event geared directly to the markets we serve allows us to more effectively find and focus on opportunities for growth.”

The Industry Open House will take place during the summer of 2009 at Wabash National headquarters in Lafayette, In. Invitees will include current and potential customers, investors, community leaders, local media, and industry editors. The event will include formal presentations with question and answer discussions, plant tours, and displays of products and innovations.

“One of our major selling points is our world-class manufacturing facility here in Lafayette,” said Dick Giromini, president and CEO of Wabash National. “What a great opportunity to showcase our products, our facilities, and all of our associates who are the ones who make it happen.”