Wabash ArcticLite Reefers Now Available in Australia

March 12, 2012
Wabash National Corporation (NYSE: WNC) has partnered with Australian-based Macfield to bring ArcticLite refrigerated vans to the Australian market

Wabash National Corporation (NYSE: WNC) has partnered with Australian-based Macfield to bring ArcticLite refrigerated vans to the Australian market.

Attendees at the International Trucking Show March 15-17 in Melbourne, Australia, will get a first glance at ArcticLite vans specially designed for Aussies on display at Macfield/Trailer Corporation of Australia booth.

"Weighing up to two tons less than conventional refrigerated trailers previously available in Australia, our independently commissioned research suggests ArcticLite vans will drastically reduce comparative annual operating costs," said Ben McDonald, director, The Macfield Group. "Plus, the proven performance and lower total cost of ownership of Wabash National trailers versus competitive offerings will prove to be extremely attractive to our customer base. Now we can offer a more durable trailer that costs less over the long haul backed by America's best trailer builder and a five-year structural warranty."

"This relationship represents the latest step in executing Wabash National's strategic plan as we expand into new markets," explained Dick Giromini, president and CEO, Wabash National Corporation. "Developing innovative solutions that enhance transportation and logistics allows trucking companies to preserve the integrity, quality and safety of the products they deliver -- to better serve distributors of goods around the world."

Headquartered in Adelaide, Australia, Macfield has more than 20 years of experience supplying materials for the transportation sector in Australia. Macfield's primary clients include major freight logistics operators with equipment supplied under wholesale rental agreements. Due to sometimes challenging road conditions and hauls over 2,000-3,000 miles, Australian trailers are equipped with triple-axle suspensions to withstand strenuous demands.

Distributing trailers overseas is a bit more complex than simply transporting trailers across the U.S. To export ArcticLite refrigerated vans to Australia, trailer bodies are fully built in Lafayette, Ind. by Wabash National, then transported to Oakland, California before boarding a cargo ship to the land down under. Once the trailer body arrives in Adelaide the final assembly of ArcticLite trailers is completed by Macfield engineers and technical experts.

"While engineering and manufacturing a product for export is a challenging combination of processes, it showcases how Wabash National's flexible manufacturing system is capable of meeting a diverse set of customer needs," stated Brent Yeagy, vice president and general manager for Wabash National's Commercial Trailer Group. "We are very excited to work with an innovative group like Macfield to offer the Australian market more options for transportation equipment."

Macfield plans to test the market with ArcticLite and other Wabash National products to possibly expand distribution of refrigerated equipment to other geographic areas in need of lighter weight transportation options -- such as Asia, where Macfield already has a presence.

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