Kögel Offering Choice of Three Dollies

April 12, 2012
Kogel announced it is offering three different dolly variants for the 25.25-meter-long truck for field trials

Kogel announced it is offering three different dolly variants for the 25.25-meter-long truck for field trials.

Variant one
Kögel offers a normally couplable tandem-axle forerunner device (dolly) with a steered drawbar. In the case of this variant, the first axle of the dolly is positively steered. SAF axles with an axle load of nine tons each are used here. In conjunction with a Kögel semi-trailer, the German "BO-Kraftkreis" regulation on turning circle is met in field trials.

Variant two
Kögel also offers a normally coupled dolly with a rigid drawbar and self-steering trailing axle and trailer. The dolly is equipped with two Daimler axles of nine tons each. To enable the "BO-Kraftkreis" regulation to be met as required in field trials, in the case of this combination the last axle of the tractor and trailer is lifted during travel. This is possible since more than 18 tons of weight is never loaded on the trailer to avoid exceeding the permitted overall weight.

Variant three
The third variant has the same specifications as variant two. The only difference is that the dolly must be coupled down low to a three-axle tractor and the third axle must be steered.

A prerequisite for all variants is a three-axle tractor for accommodating a 7.45-meter swap body.

All three dolly variants and corresponding trailers are now available for order.

In addition to the long truck variants mentioned above, customers can choose a Euro Trailer, which is available in several variants and is extended by 1.3 meters to a total length of 14.9 meters. The Euro Trailer and semi-trailer tractor unit together have a total length of 17.8 meters, thus 7 meters shorter than a Long Truck. Kögel also offers the LongPlex, a semi-trailer for the accommodation of two 7.45 metre swap bodies. Kögel thus has the appropriate product solutions for the most diverse of transporting tasks.

"The fact that after five years, the Kögel concept of an extended trailer is appearing in the product ranges of other trailer manufacturers confirms once more the innovative force of Kögel," says Jonny Böhme, Product Manager at Kögel. "Today, our three different dolly variants again demonstrate the fact that we are once again at the forefront of technology".

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