Utility’s Dry Van Certified as a SmartWay Trailer

Aug. 27, 2007
With its 4000D-X dry van, Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company became the first trailer manufacturer offering a qualifying model to be certified by the EPA as a SmartWay trailer.

Utility’s SmartWay 4000D-X offers aerodynamic enhancements, low rolling resistance tires and overall weight reduction that qualify it under the specifications of the EPA’s SmartWay Partnership.

Utility is participating in the special SmartWay "Get Green" Trucking Summit at the Great American Trucking Show hosted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The event showcases the numerous achievements of the EPA's SmartWay Transport Partnership, a progressive collaboration between the U.S. EPA and the freight industry to increase energy efficiency, with an emphasis on fuel-saving technologies. The 4000D-X dry van is the natural accompaniment to other environmentally friendly options which advance fuel saving technologies.

“Utility is very proud to be certified by the EPA as offering a qualifying model that meets the SmartWay specifications. Our 4000D-X thin wall dry van was designed to offer weight reduction, increased cubic capacity, and greater productivity while providing fleets and owner operators with a durable and low maintenance alternative to standard plate trailers,” said Craig Bennett, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing, Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co. “We believe in the EPA’s goal of reducing fuel costs, conserving energy, reducing emissions and improving the environment. This is another first by Utility recognizing our continuing efforts to make enhancements to our product line that result in lower fuel costs, less weight and higher productivity.”