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Power Edison Two Trailers
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Power Edison unveils utility-grade mobile energy storage system

Sept. 19, 2023
Power Edison's new TerraCharge platform is built for modularity, with customizable trailers to meet diverse power needs, voltages, and interconnection methods

Power Edison, has introduced its next-generation, utility-grade, trailer-based system, the TerraCharge platform. Designed with mobility, modularity, and flexibility in mind, Power Edison has worked closely with U.S. electric utilities and industry partners to deliver a fleet of these systems.

"Our new TerraCharge platform incorporates a wide range of critical features requested by our partners over the years to meet their real-life challenges,” said Dr. Shihab Kuran, president and CEO of Power Edison. “The platform supports multiple battery technologies, grid and off-grid voltages, underground and overhead interconnection managed by a cyber-hardened, energy and fleet management system.”

System features include how the architecture separates the battery trailers from Power Conversion System (PCS) trailers, providing maximum flexibility and modularity. Additionally, while the system primarily utilizes lithium-ion batteries, it remains technologically agnostic and has undergone UL9540a testing and includes backup UPS systems to power fire detection and retardation systems. The battery trailers include multiple levels of disconnects, air-cooled systems with redundant industrial HVAC units, and an optional cold weather package. Liquid-cooled batteries are also offered for enhanced energy densities.

The PCS trailers house essential equipment, including inverters, transformers, switchgear, and control equipment, enabling seamless connection to various voltage classes, including 120/208V, 277/480V, 4kV, 13kV, 27kV, and 33kV. All systems are also equipped with plug-and-play cables with the ability to connect to overhead, ground-level, and underground connections. The PCS trailers also come equipped with an optional robotic mast, which can reach up to 30’ in the air when erected, enabling overhead connections up to 33kV.

Both trailer types are engineered for stability and durability, featuring vibration dampening equipment on deck and built-in air ride suspension. Onboard monitoring includes vibration, acceleration, and GPS tracking, with an optional off-road package for rugged environments.

"As the energy landscape evolves, so does our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions,” said Yazan Harasis, director of projects at Power Edison. “TerraCharge embodies our relentless focus on providing our customers with the most advanced, flexible, and efficient mobile energy storage technology available. We're excited to empower businesses and utilities to harness the power of energy on their terms.”

The TerraCharge platform offers grid-forming and grid-following capabilities, serving a wide range of applications, including renewable integration, peak shaving, microgrids, genset hybridization, black start, backup power, and EV charging support. Power Edison’s utility-grade cyber secure controller with integrated utility SCADA systems allows participation in all energy storage applications with remote operation and monitoring capabilities.

For more information, please visit www.poweredison.com

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