Turtleback Trailers
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Adventure trailer builder Turtleback moves to Tennessee

July 28, 2023
By bringing Turtleback Trailers under its leadership, Wil-Ro Inc. aims to combine its manufacturing expertise with Turtleback's overland industry-leading position

Leveraging a strong relationship with Turtleback Trailers and its leadership, Joshua J. Coster capitalized on an opportunity to bring overlanding to Tennessee. Adventure trailer manufacturer Turtleback, previously based in Chandler, Arizona, is now calling Gallatin, Tennessee home.

The deal, finalized in May 2023, marks a significant milestone in Coster's strategic growth plan and reinforces his commitment to delivering exceptional products and expanding brand presence in the overland industry.

"I am both excited and blessed to complete the acquisition of Turtleback Trailers. Our team looks forward to building on Turtleback's leading reputation within the overland industry—10 years and counting," said Joshua J. Coster, president and owner of Turtleback Trailers and truck body and trailer manufacturer Wil-Ro Inc. "I look forward to seeing the brand grow and maintain its presence as the premier overland trailer manufacturer. Welcome to Tennessee, Turtleback community and loyal supporters—I can't wait to meet you!"

Turtleback Trailers, founded in 2013, has built a strong reputation for its innovative designs and commitment to quality craftsmanship, catering to adventure enthusiasts who seek rugged and dependable trailers for their expeditions.

By bringing Turtleback Trailers under its leadership, Wil-Ro Inc. aims to combine its manufacturing expertise with Turtleback's industry-leading position, enhancing the overall customer experience and offering a broader range of products, the company said. As part of the acquisition, Turtleback Trailers will relocate its operations to Gallatin, joining the Wil-Ro factory.

This integration is designed to enable both companies to streamline production processes, share resources, and leverage synergies to meet the increasing demand for overland trailers.

"Relocating from the deserts of Arizona to just outside the vibrant city of Nashville is a thrilling step for Turtleback Trailers," said Director of Sales Katelyn McGuire. "We are committed to upholding our esteemed brand, supporting our close-knit community, and providing exceptional customer service to our loyal Herd while welcoming new enthusiasts to the Turtleback family. With great anticipation, we are laying the foundation for an exhilarating production launch in July 2023."

Immediately following the acquisition, Coster and his team were eager to showcase Turtleback Trailers at Overland ExpoWest and Pacific Northwest. Looking ahead, The Herd will convene at several overland expos, including Overland Expo East and SEMA. Production is scheduled to resume in the summer of 2023, and the first deliveries from the new Tennessee headquarters are expected between October-December 2023.

The Turtleback Trailers sales team is actively taking orders for Q4 2023 deliveries, to ensure a seamless transition and uninterrupted customer support.