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Phillips Connect now offers smart trailer kits

June 21, 2023
The trailer kits offer a scaling range of Phillips Connect's telematics services that can be tailored to a fleet's needs and size.

Phillips Connect has assembled four IoT: Internet of Trailers kits, allowing fleets of all sizes to seamlessly convert to Smart-Trailers, which feature real-time diagnostics, fault detection, and trend reporting. The company stated that these kits are designed to increase fleet efficiency, uptime, safety, and ROI even for smaller fleets that have limited resources to add telematics solutions.

The kits now available are the Smart Kit, the Smarter Kit, the Smartest Kit, and the Brilliant Kit.

The Phillips Connect Smart upgrade kit includes TPMS and can be installed in 30 minutes. Meanwhile, the Phillips Connect Smarter Kit features the hidden/under-trailer installed StealthNet gateway to avoid theft with TPMS√, ABS Fault Code√, Door√ and CargoVision to give fleets an extra level of monitoring capabilities and can be installed in under one hour.

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Scaling up from the Smart kit, the Phillips Connect Smartest Kit includes StealthNet gateway as well as CAN communication, TPMS√, ABS Fault Code√, Door√, CargoVision, and ATIS Lamp√, but can also be installed in one hour.

Finally, the Phillips Connect Brilliant Kit features an array of sensors and data, including Phillips Connect Smart7 gateway, CAN communication, TPMS√, ABS Fault Code√, Door√, CargoVision, ATIS Lamp√, AirTank√, ATIS Regulator√ and Light Out√. However, as a result of this functionality, it must be installed by the OEM.

The IoT kits communicate to Phillips Connect’s Connect1 platform for reporting, on-demand notifications, historical trends to assist with maintenance schedules and predictive analysis, geo-fencing, and customization for each fleet’s individual needs.

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