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Multinational mobility giant rebrands as Randoncorp

May 1, 2023
Randoncorp also operates as an OEM through the brand Randon, and is among the 10 largest manufacturers of semi-trailers in the world

The Randon Companies, a Brazil-based multinational giant whose products include trailers and commercial vehicle parts, will go by a new name: Randoncorp. The name is billed as a tribute to the company's legacy as it directs investments, strategies and innovation efforts towards a path of sustainable growth—"for the business, for the community and for the planet,” according to the rebranding announcement. The 74-year-old company posted record consolidated net revenue of almost $2.3 billion in 2022.

“We are internationally recognized for the quality of our transport and logistics solutions,” said Randoncorp CEO Sérgio L. Carvalho. “In this process of continuous evolution, we have revisited practices and processes, expanded our businesses and product and service portfolios, developed new disruptive technologies and sought an even more diverse operation in countries on all continents.

“In this way, it is essential to build an identity that reflects this moment and the path we want to take from now on.”

Randoncorp has units on four continents, reaching more than 120 countries with more than 17,000 staff members. The more than 50 operations around the world include industrial plants, commercial offices, product distribution logistics centers and laboratories.

“The more we evolve, the more we commit ourselves to the environment, society and ethical and responsible governance,” Carvalho said. “We have recently gotten into important markets with our semi-trailers in North America and our auto parts in the UK.”

Active in five complementary business verticals, Randoncorp is the leader in most of the markets it operates with its products and services, the company stated. Among the components manufactured by the companies Suspensys, Castertech and joint ventures Master and JOST Brasilwith partners Cummins and JOST Werke, respectivelyare suspensions, axles, hubs, brakes and braking systems, as well as rolling and coupling systems.

With a complete portfolio of parts for braking, suspension, transmission and steering systems and friction materials, Frasle Mobility has a strong global presence and is a leader in the auto parts replacement market, through reference brands such as Fras-le, Fremax, Nakata and Controil.

Randoncorp also operates as an OEM through the brand Randon, and is among the 10 largest manufacturers of semi-trailers in the world. It offers a complete line of equipment for the land freight transport services, from road implements to rail cars. It is the only road implement assembler in Brazil with manufacturing units abroad, with a national and international distribution network in over 175 points.

The group’s portfolio also features solutions in financial and digital services.