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Dorsey Trailer tops production goals in 2022

May 4, 2023
Investments, incentives from new ownership plays large role in employee turnaround

Flatbed and drop deck trailer manufacturer Dorsey Trailer reported it exceeded its production goals in 2022. Dorsey set a production goal to produce 2,650 trailers but met demand by producing a total of 3,025 trailers, or 14% over goal.

“We are very pleased with our production results,” said Trey Gary, CEO of Dorsey Trailer, an Elba, Alabama-based company. “We have been able to meet the increased demand for our durable trailers by expanding our production capacity, offering team incentives, and partnering with our employees for a more efficient workplace. We are confident that we will continue to meet the needs of our customers in the coming quarters.”

Dorsey Trailer offers a wide variety of truck trailers including steel and composite flatbeds, drop decks, extendable flatbeds and drop decks, open top or closed chip vans, and specialty trailers including beavertail and ramps, multi-axle, and oilfield trailers.

Dorsey Trailer’s success is due in part to its focus on customization, the company noted. Texas-based Superior Trailer Sales has worked with Dorsey Trailer for the past 12 years.

“You are getting Tier 1 quality products at Tier 2 pricing when you buy from Dorsey,” Superior Trailer Sales President Benton Reynolds said. “This is a company that is easy to work with and they are willing to customize.”

The company also places a priority on workplace incentives and employee compensation.

“Our employees have bought in on the idea of reaching production goals because they are seeing the benefits in each and every paycheck,” said Joseph Scott, assistant vice president for Dorsey Trailer. “Production bonuses and attendance bonuses were huge reasons for the increase in production for 2022.”

Scott added that Dorsey’s owners, Propst Companies, made an investment in new equipment. He said Propst invested millions of dollars to ensure the workforce had the best equipment available. Improvements to the workplace environment have been cheered by employees. These incentives have paid off with increased morale and production.

Propst Companies purchased a majority ownership stake in Dorsey from Pitts Enterprises in 2019 and acquired the remaining ownership in April.

The Dorsey name has been associated with manufacturing since the early 1900’s when Pete and Henry Dorsey opened a small machine shop to repair the power saws, boilers, and trucks of the booming timber business. By 1920, the little company was producing 25 to 30 logging units per day. The Dorsey company’s first commercial freight trailer was developed by 1930. By the end of the decade, truckers coast-to-coast were familiar with the Dorsey trade name.

“It’s quite the accomplishment to be recognized as the fastest growing platform trailer manufacturer in the country, and truly, Dorsey is a treasure for Elba and an industry-driver for the rest of the state,” Alabama Governor Kay Ivey said.

Dorsey also supports the National Trailer Dealers Association (NTDA) programs and services. Dorsey President Trey Gary served on the organization’s Board of Directors from 2017–2020.

“The NTDA appreciates the connections created by industry partners like Dorsey Trailer that help to not only create long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships, but that also help to elevate industry standards through their professionalism,” said NTDA President Gwendolyn Brown.

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