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1780922 Multi Lock Side Rave

Krone’s Multi Safe system marks 20 years of safe trailer loading

Sept. 9, 2022
Krone's Multi Safe system can be easily utilized by one person to reduce empty miles and increase security

Trailer manufacturer Krone is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its award-winning trailer load-securing system, Multi Safe.

Multi Safe was born when the company set out to identify a universal mechanism that could secure multiple load types from paper rolls, steel coils, palleted beverages and kegs, through-to tubing, sheet metal, and miscellaneous individual panels.

“The unique anchorage system is so flexible, we can carry all types of mixed steel loads, ensure a diverse and efficient service for our customer, and make empty return loads a thing of the past,” said David Kay, director, K Transport Services.

The result was the introduction of a modular system which enables a dramatic increase in load securing permutations, including allowing multiple load configurations on the same trailer. Further cited benefits include high strength for increased dependability and safety; a lightweight, modular design; and increased speed and ease of loading, as well as economic efficiency benefits.

At the heart of the system is the Multi Lock side rave. This comes with 126 strapping points on each side of the trailer and provides over 3,000 options for securing the load.

Each strapping point accommodates two tons, with a maximum permissible load of eight tons over a one-metre length. In addition to this, all components are KTL coated, providing a 10-year rust perforation warranty.

Further elements of the Multi Safe system include the Krone Multi Block Loading Beam, a transverse loading option.  It has 22 load-securing points positioned transversely on the load floor, and is locked into the Multi Lock side rave.

The certified eight-ton Multi Wall system offers an additional wall in the trailer, which can be positioned along its length to suit the load.  The plug-in uprights are fixed into the Multi Block shoe which, in turn, is fixed in to the Multi Lock side rave.  The uprights are secured using standard load-securing straps at 45 degrees to the wall.

To prevent movement of paper rolls in transit, the Multi Block paper system has been developed using the Multi Lock/Multi Block combination.  Paper rolls can be fixed horizontally with minimum effort and maximum load security.

In contrast to welded components, the Multi Screw screwable pallet stop can be quickly and easily fitted or removed from the Multi Lock side rave, says Krone, making them more efficient, safer, and more mobile.

The Multi Lash screwable lashing rings allow the universal safe strapping of all hooks as well. The flexible strapping eyes make it possible to put a securing strap into the Multi Lock side rave profile at just the right angle to ensure straps are flat and offering maximum load security.

A chain adaptor option provides a solution for all other types of hooks or spansets as well as chains, and by using two of the Multi Lock side rave lashing points, the strapping capability is doubled to four tons, allowing it to be used anywhere on the trailer.

A captive strapping system, named Multi Strap, minimizes loss of straps and ensures the correct numbers of straps are available to securely load the trailer.

Meanwhile, a strap retainer allows pre-setting of load straps prior to loading, removing the need for the driver to throw the straps over high loads or to climb onto a loaded trailer. Straps are easily removed by gently pulling down onto the load

Finally, the Multi Fix system secures pipes, round steel, plate steel, or any other items with challenging shapes.  It is said to offer maximum security in the minimum of securing time.

With the Multi Safe system, Krone said that operators can safely load, transfer, and unload their cargo, protecting both themselves and those on the road with them while reducing labor costs and increasing uptime.

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