Photo: E.D.C.D.S.
Vehicle On A Raised Pivoting Deck

Modules offer transport solution to trailer backlog

Sept. 2, 2022
With trailer production supply and demand still out of sync, a surge of 2023 orders may require fleets to find alternative solutions for the businesses, such as E.D.C.D.S. Inc.’s adaptable transport modules

Although ACT Research’s studies have shown a continuous trailer backlog due to strong demand and limited production slots, vehicle transportation brands don’t always have to wait in line for new trailer orders. E.D.C.D.S. Inc.’s Auto Transport Modules allow users to repurpose drop frame semi-trailer vans into enclosed car haulers or utilize additional trailers to meet orders that outpace a fleet’s vehicle-transportation assets.

With polyurethane-coated slides and punched-hole, diamond-plate upper decks, the battery-powered hydraulic Auto Transport Module can be placed into empty trailer vans to add vehicle transportation functionality to a standard trailer. The upper decks can lower to the trailer’s floor or rise and pivot for added versatility. Additionally, the hauling modules can be transferred from trailer to trailer when necessary and serve as maintenance lifts as well.

Featuring multiple configurations and layouts for vehicle transportation, the removable, adjustable, decks are self-contained, and do not require wall posts or a tractor PTO pump, according to the manufacturer.

By allowing fleets to create the transport trailers needed without needing to wade through the OEM backlog, the Auto Transport Modules are designed to reduce trailer acquisition time and reduce expenditures.

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