Photo: Carrier Transicold
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Carrier Transicold debuts ‘premium-performance’ Vector TRUs

July 29, 2022
New single- and multi-temperature trailer refrigeration units promise to reduce emissions by 96% and improve fuel efficiency by up to 20%

Carrier Transicold is introducing four new trailer refrigeration units it says deliver “double-digit” fuel efficiency improvements and lifetime compliance with the emissions requirements of the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

The “premium-performance” systems include two single-temperature units, the Vector 8700 and X4 7700; and two multi-temperature units, the Vector 8800MT and Vector 8811MT. All are designed to reduce particulate emissions by 96% compared to current offerings and, depending on the application, improve fuel efficiency from 5%−20%, the company said.

“Whether interested in boosting fuel efficiency, seeking compliance with stricter emissions regulations or both, North America’s trucking fleets will soon have four new options,” said Steven McDonald, trailer product manager for truck trailer Americas at Carrier Transicold. “The units will be available for order later this year for delivery in 2023, especially helping fleets operating in California that will be adding units next year and will be subject to CARB’s newly amended Airborne Toxic Control Measure (ATCM) for transport refrigeration units (TRUs).”

The new units take advantage of an advanced version of the Kubota engine used throughout Carrier Transicold’s existing trailer platforms. Among its attributes, the new 24-horsepower smart engine is said to:

  • Feature clean engine technologies, including common-rail fuel injection, an enhanced fuel filtration system, and diesel oxidation catalyst that push particulate, hydrocarbon, and NOx emissions to new lows.
  • Provide lifetime regulatory compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Tier 4 emission standards and CARB’s stricter ATCM for TRUs that takes effect May 31, 2023.
  • Achieve double-digit fuel economy thanks to optimized fuel-delivery from common rail fuel injection and the introduction of a third engine speed, called “eco speed,” that automatically drops engine RPMs below low speed when conditions permit, to help boost fuel efficiency.

“Unlike some competitive trailer refrigeration systems, our premium performance units do not require complex exhaust gas recirculation to achieve emissions targets,” McDonald said. “Unlimited CARB compliance means no add-on exhaust treatments are ever required, based on the current regulation.”

All four models also use R452A, a CARB-compliant, new-generation refrigerant with a global warming potential 45% lower than that of the traditional TRU refrigerant, R 404A. Additionally, all are equipped with Carrier Transicold’s telematics for remote monitoring of temperatures, location, movement, and system operating performance. To help maintain battery charge supporting the unit and its telematics system, Carrier Transicold now also offers its TRU-Mount solar panel as a factory-installed option.