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Cheetah Chassis Corp. delivers FEMA assistance

Feb. 4, 2021
The container chassis were shipped to the Bahamas as part of a mission to provide residents working showers and bathrooms for use during a devastating disaster such as a hurricane or flooding

Cheetah Chassis Corp., a US intermodal container chassis manufacturer recently delivered six 23.6’ ISO Container Chassis to Regulus Global, a global capabilities enabler, meeting humanitarian, national security and commercial medical mission needs, the company reports.  

Regulus Global, headquartered out of Virginia Beach, Va., shipped the container chassis to the Bahamas as part of a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) mission to provide Bahamian residents working showers and bathrooms for use during a devastating disaster such as a hurricane or flooding.

Exemplifying the ongoing partnership between the United States and the Bahamas, FEMA worked with Regulus Global, who in turn enlisted Cheetah for their specialty intermodal chassis. The chassis held the 20’ ISO containers that had been designed and customized by Regulus to provide emergency mobile showers.

When utilized, residents who lost their homes or were forced to evacuate had access to shower and bathroom facilities otherwise not available.

“This is the first, of what is expected to be, many mobile sanitary spaces that will be delivered to residents who have lost essential running water due to an emergency or natural disaster,” said Susan Marvel, VP Sales & Marketing at Strick Trailers/Cheetah Chassis Corporation.

When it comes to complex disaster response situations and emergency preparedness, Regulus is known for its ability to support organizations, businesses, and government agencies worldwide with its systems design, development and executional expertise.

“We excel at understanding the mission and begin working on the requirements to meet the critical needs of those affected,” says Brad Stewart, Director of Innovation and Design Solutions at Regulus. “Creative solutions require collaboration. It’s not always an easy task, but when partnering with a reputable company who shares similar values, like Cheetah, developing a solution to fulfill a specific need is much easier to achieve.”

Together, Regulus Global and Cheetah will continue to provide critical facilities to the US and throughout the world to assist those affected by unplanned disasters, the companies report.