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Polar King reveals custom trailer

Aug. 21, 2020
Temperature-controlled unit for aerospace customer features Thermo King S-700 with deep-freeze capability

Polar King recently revealed a highly customized temperature-controlled trailer built for an aerospace customer in San Diego CA.

The client required a large sub freezer mounted on a trailer that could hold an excess weight of materials, while also specifying the unit needed to meet key energy and emissions standards in the state of California.

The custom trailer features a Thermo King S-700 refrigeration unit, which is part of Thermo King’s Precedent S-Series. The unit’s 35-horsepower engine boasts emission-control technologies that help minimize fuel consumption, and with the ability to handle deep-frozen loads, the S-700 offers superior temperature control while delivering double-digit fuel savings. Additionally, the trailer unit meets the standards required for the Energy Independence and Security Act compliance, Polar King said. 

Refrigeration unit features include:

  • Smart Reefer SR-4 controller
  • Diesel Direct Electric (DDE)
  • Common Rail Fuel Injection
  • Electronic Fuel Injection with Real-Time Fuel Monitoring and Recording

The custom trailer is supported by two 20,000-pound, 10-foot-wide air-ride axles. The sub freezer mounted to the trailer is a 11-foot-by-33-foot unit with three sets of 54-inch double doors. Due to the weight and size of the doors, Polar King said it also added corner reinforcements and steel reinforcements on the perimeter.

To protect the unit and doors from accidental damage by hand trucks or pallet jacks, the client also upgraded to an aluminum diamond tread kick plate on the inside and outside of the doors. The interior also features pallet jack duty flooring, aluminum duct flooring and a pallet bumper guard that is suitable for the weight of the products to be stored, and provides added protection when loading and unloading product.

The trailer unit also features a custom paint job, which includes Safety White on the unit’s exterior.

Standard equipment included on the trailer includes a single-point electrical connection, anti-microbial interior finish, defrost timer and low ambient pressure controls.

Custom features include:

  • Two 20,000-pound axles with Air Ride and 11-foot-by-33-foot sub freezer
  • Double fiberglass thickness and reinforcements
  • ThermoKing S-700 with electric standby and REB tracking
  • Three Sets of 54-inch double doors with 30-inch-high ADT kickplates
  • Pallet jack rated floor with pallet bumper guard
  • Custom ladders under doors