V Hub

vHub integrates trailer tracking technologies

July 28, 2020
Collaborative trailer sharing platform provides exact unit locations automatically with integrated Anytrek TrackLight and Solution 4W GPS tracking solutions

vHub, a collaborative trailer repositioning and sharing marketplace, reports that its ongoing integration of telematics solutions now includes the TrackLight tail lamp GPS trailer tracking solution from Anytrek and the 4W Telematics trailer tracking system. The integrated technologies provide vHub users with an exact GPS-based location of units.

“Members of the vHub community that are using these new integrations will enjoy the value of a more automated and secure trailer sharing and repositioning experience,” said Francis Roy, vice president of vHub. “Integrated solutions benefit fleet or trailer owners and short term users, and their drivers, in several ways. They provide a higher level of confidence about exactly where trailers are located, and keep better track of assets that are available and being utilized by short term users.”

Using vHub’s API technology, the integrated solutions provide a trailer’s exact position, making it simpler and easier for drivers picking up a unit. The renter's traveled distance is also automatically measured and billed through the integrations, removing the need for data entry and possible errors. Additionally, the combined technologies provide utilization information to trailer owners so they are aware of how their units are being used and about unused assets they can make available on vHub.

The Anytrek TrackLight device consists of a GPS module inside a 4-inch round or 6-inch oval tail light that connects to an industry standard wiring harness in five minutes. The covert tracker is powered by a trailer’s tail and brake light circuits and a battery with a three-month standby time when the trailer is parked. The device transmits trailer location over the 4G cellular network to Anytrek’s portal, which is integrated with the vHub platform.

“Our integration with vHub is simple to use with their API technology,” said Estefania Gallegos, operations manager at Anytrek. “The transportation industry is moving into a phase where everything is technology driven. This relationship helps our customers by making trailers smarter and operations more efficient. vHub and Anytrek are a great example of the value of applying integrated innovative technology.”

Solution 4W offers trailer tracking systems that allow fleets to streamline and automate asset management. The real-time technology monitors equipment location by tracking two GPS points per second. The devices can be powered by the trailer electrical system and by using a solar panel option from the company.

“The collaboration between vHub and Solution 4W to provide more accurate, up to date trailer location information gives trailer owners a competitive advantage,” said Dany Raymond, head of engineering at Solution 4W. “By knowing where trailers are located at all times and which units are available they can more fully utilize the vHub platform to monitor asset utilization and generate additional revenue.”

A growing community with over 20,000 registered trailers, vHub cuts repositioning costs and turns unused trailers into revenue generating equipment by making them available to short term users in a secure, trusted, digital platform. Launched in Canada one year ago, vHub is now available in the U.S. and continues to grow its Canadian transportation operations.