Hicks Mfg Patent Announcement Photo

Hicks Mfg receives trailer patent

June 30, 2020
United States Patent Office approves 17 claims for features built into company’s T6 weld-free Aluminum End Dump

The United States Patent Office recently approved 17 claims for features built into Hicks Manufacturing’s T6 Aluminum End Dump Trailer.

The Hicks T6 is the only aluminum end dump trailer constructed entirely with mechanical fasteners, the Minden LA-based company said. All other designs incorporate welding, which destroys most of the material’s strength and often results in cracks.

The Hicks T6 is used primarily for hauling sand, gravel and dirt.

Greg Hicks and DeWayne Williams founded Hicks Manufacturing in 2015. Hicks and Williams each have more than 40 years of experience as engineers in the trailer industry.

“We have always known that extreme heat incurred during welding destroys the original temper of the aluminum material and reduces its strength,” they said. “This makes the weld- and heat-affected zone more prone to cracking. And, repairs are even more difficult because it usually involves more weld, thus more heat.

“By using bolts and rivets, the T6 retains the full temper of its aluminum components.”

The first unit was completed in January 2016. Today, there are 150 units operating in 10 different states, the manufacturer said. The T6 design makes it a good choice for companies hauling aggregates, largely because of its weight.

The most popular T6 models are the 39-footer, which weighs 8,823 pounds, and the 28-footer, which weighs 8,140 pounds.

“Our customers earn thousands of extra dollars in revenue each year by transporting extra product with our lightweight trailer,” the company added. “Our design doesn’t add extra pounds with extra metal needed to make up for aluminum weakened by welding.”