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Kalyn Siebert introduces new hydraulic removable gooseneck trailer

June 5, 2020
Re-engineered, stronger KSHRG-3-50T-Lite designed for customers seeking lightweight, 3-axle alternative

Heavy-haul trailer manufacturer Kalyn Siebert completely redesigned and re-engineered its lightweight hydraulic removable gooseneck trailer to maximize payloads and provide optimum versatility. 

The company said its upgraded 50-ton-capacity KSHRG-3-50T-Lite trailer is an alternative for customers who need a versatile, lightweight three-axle hydraulic removable gooseneck trailer. It weighs 16,560 pounds and is engineered to haul 50 tons in 16 feet. This empty weight and concentrated load rating provide owners with an advantage when hauling equipment or freight. The engineered lightweight of this unit provides the maximum payload under permit over all other conventional 50-ton and 55-ton hydraulic removable gooseneck units when operating in a three-axle trailer configuration.

The KSHRG-3-50T-Lite model features a loaded deck height of 23 inches. However, with the automatic/manual ride height system, the deck may be raised and lowered for specific loads. The trailer has a standard 25-foot level deck, four-beam design, 130K flanges/100K webs and 18-inch main beams, with shorter outside beams for greater curb clearance. Fabricated cross members made from 100K steel with lightening holes minimize weight and maximize payloads. The KSHRG-3-50T-Lite is standard with 55-inch axle spacing, 255/70R22.5 16 PR tires and aluminum outside wheels/steel inside wheels. Available aluminum inside wheels save more weight.

The KSHRG-3-50T-Lite model has a hook-type gooseneck with five adjustments that allow the deck height to be lowered or raised, and/or the fifth wheel height to be adjusted to the required tractor height. The gooseneck design will connect to the trailer deck even if the bottom of the deck settles below ground level, Kalyn Siebert said.

“Kalyn Siebert is continually focused on advancing our line of heavy-haul trailers to meet the needs of our customers,” said Jake Radish, president of Kalyn Siebert. “Our industry-leading engineering and design help our customer realize great efficiency, performance and lasting durability.”

Learn more about the new KSHRG-3-50T-Lite trailer at kalynsiebert.com.