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Feb. 26, 2020
Trailer manufacturer introduces new Elevator dry van model with three moving platforms inside for increased capacity, savings

Strick Trailers recently introduced its new Elevator model, a “state-of-the-art” 28-foot pup trailer designed to provide maximum freight capacity and savings.

The trailer manufacturer said its engineering team “spared no effort” in the design of the highly specialized trailer, which is equipped with a “groundbreaking” internal system that provides increased cargo space for operational efficiency.

Additonally, the expanded cargo area can help decrease the number of tractors, trailers and drivers needed within a fleet, in turn reducing fuel consumption and producing “significant overall operational savings,” Strick said.

“This trailer can be easily configured to meet the unique needs of any operation, offering customers limitless hauling possibilities and additional cubic capacity,” the company claimed. “Combined, these features represent an impressive evolution of product ingenuity showcasing what Strick ‘Customer-ization’ can do.”

Key benefits of the Elevator trailer, according to Strick, include:

  • Increased cube improves operational efficiency
  • Eliminates need for aerodynamic fairings
  • Reduces fuel
  • Fewer tractors, trailers and drivers required
  • Elevator system is easily configurable for unique operational needs

The Elevator dry van trailer is 99 inches wide from post face to post face, and the lining is vertically installed to utilize logistic posts for cargo control, Strick said. The exterior is 28 feet long, 102.36 inches wide and 13 feet, 6 inches high. The trailer boasts a 40,000-pound gross vehicle weight rating and 2,269 cubic feet of interior volume.

The three free-spanning aluminum platforms inside the Elevator trailer each measure 93 inches by 50 inches, and are located in/above the drop section with 1 3/8-inch extruded aluminum knurled flooring and recessed floorboard joints atop each platform. An integral latch system for each platform provides standard dynamic and static floor ratings when stowed/latched, while unstowed positions feature 5,000 pounds of lifting/load capacity per platform.

Platform lifting/lowering is powered with four synced 24-volt electric actuators, with integrated actuator overload/unbalanced load protection, and platform motion is guided by an adjustable integral roller system.

The Elevator system is powered by Purkeys, and equipment includes Jost landing gear, WABCO ABS brakes, Stemco seals and caps, Cooper SmartWay certified low-profile radial tires, and Hendrickson’s 23K INTRAAX air-ride suspension.

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