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Feb. 25, 2020
Insane Impact, Iowa-based DOSE Steelworks coming together to build growing line of MAX rolling LED displays

Now here’s a trailer you really must see to appreciate.

Insane Impact recently partnered with custom steel shop and trailer manufacturer DOSE Steelworks to build its MAX lineup of mobile digital billboards.

Insane, which makes LED video walls, says its partnership with DOSE is the result of a large increase in demand for its retail mobile display products, and will allow it to streamline production and continue to offer competitive pricing.

“This manufacturing partnership just made sense,” said Tod Puetz, founder and CEO of Insane Impact. “We have been working together over the last 18 months and as our business has grown across the US and globally, we needed this strategic partnership to take our product deliverables to the next level.”

The partnership also will allow Insane Impact to continue to improve its LED displays and components, while DOSE, headquartered in Bouton IA, focuses on building a structurally solid, turnkey trailer product.

“Our partnership with Insane Impact is valuable to both companies and will ultimately provide the best product and experience to the customer,” said Brett Dose, president and owner of DOSE Steelworks. “We will bring our knowledge and expertise to the partnership with steel fabrication and design. Insane Impact will bring their knowledge and expertise of the audio-visual LED markets. With our companies’ goals and visions, together, we will make a great team.”

Added Scott Vandever, general manager of DOSE: “Our knowledge and expertise in the trailer manufacturing industry has provided Insane Impact with confidence in delivering a quality product to their customers.

“We continue to invest in state-of-the-art custom fabrication equipment and powder-coating capabilities that will separate Insane Impact’s line of MAX Trailers from the competition.”

MAX Mobile LED was introduced to the marketplace in 2017 as a retail product for events. Since then it has evolved in scope and quality to include a lineup of advertising trailers and customization opportunities. The DOSE partnership will further expand the scope of their customization offerings, the companies said.

“Our focus is and always has been creating premium products that will give the end user the ultimate experience,” Puetz said. “By bringing this partnership to fruition, it will allow us to continue to innovate and provide premium customer service to our clients while DOSE takes the products from purchase order to delivery.”

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