Felling FT-20 IT-I with removeable rack

Felling showcasing new equipment

Jan. 2, 2020
Minnesota-based trailer manufacturer showing off feature-packed drop-, tilt-deck trailers at CONEXPO-CON/AGG

Felling Trailers of Sauk Centre MN will highlight two trailers that show off new equipment and features at a show in March in Las Vegas NV.

The manufacturer’s FT-16 IT-I industrial tilt is a drop deck tilt trailer with a 5-foot stationary deck and 18-foot tilt deck, and the FT-50-3 LP low-profile tag trailer with 25-ton load capacity features new air-operated bi-fold ramps.

Both trailers are equipped with features intended to pique the interest of attendees at the CONEXPO-CON/AGG international exhibition, which showcases products designed for the global construction industries marketplace.

The FT-16 IT-I includes a removable attachment rack mounted on the front stationary deck. The attachment rack provides functional space for equipment attachments such as buckets and trenchers, with multiple securement points with rub rail stake pockets, along with bolt-on tubes on the roadside for storage of shovels and brooms.

Model FT-16 IT-I features include:

  • 5-foot stationary platform plus 18-foot tilt deck
  • Auto tilt deck latch mechanism
  • Two 8,000-pound axles with torsion suspension
  • 215/75R17.5 tires on plate wheels
  • Blackwood rubber-infused decking
  • Pallet fork holder
  • Toolbox with lockable cover in hitch
  • Dual-cushion cylinder tilt with lock valve
  • Twin 12,000-pound drop leg jacks
  • Removable attachment rack on stationary platform
  • Sublime green paint

Felling selected the FT-50-3 LP to debut its air-operated bi-fold ramps, which are 45 inches wide and 11 feet long, and wood-inlaid, and include three air tanks. The company previously offered air ramps in lengths of 6 and 8 feet. The 11-foot air bi-fold ramps were designed to accommodate the load angle necessary when loading cumbersome low-clearance equipment, such as paving equipment and directional drills.

The air bi-fold ramps’ length provides a gentler, more gradual incline for easier loading/unloading, with its 9.5-degree load angle, and an 8-degree angle with the option of air ride suspension when the air is dropped. Felling says its air-ramp technology allows operators to use the tow vehicles’ onboard air system to power the ramps, eliminating the maintenance of an onboard electric/hydraulic system.

Furthermore, patent-pending technology allows for minimal ground contact when deploying/retracting the ramps to reduce damage to new pavement when loading/unloading.

Model FT-50-3 LP with Air Bi-Fold Ramps features include:

  • 26-foot main deck length, plus 6-foot double incline beavertail, Apitong decking
  • 45 feet wide by 11 feet long (7.5’ + 3.5’) bi-fold air operated, Apitong-inlaid ramps
  • Air brakes, 17.5-inch Ridewell air disc brakes
  • 25K Ridewell oil bath axles
  • 55-inch spread, Ridewell 240 air ride with dump valve suspension
  • Air lift axle on first axle
  • 235/75R 17.5-inch tires on eight-bolt aluminum Alcoa Dura Brite wheels
  • 140,000-pound twin two-speed jack (39,000-pound lift capacity)

The CONEXPO-CON/AGG show is set for March 10-14, 2020, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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