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Are you a Top 30 trailer manufacturer?

Trailer/Body Builders is in the final stages of compiling its annual report on the production of the leading trailer manufacturers in North America.

Virtually all major trailer manufacturers have provided production figures that will be used to compile the 2007 trailer output report. Based on these responses, it appears that it will require fewer trailers for a company to make the Trailer/Body Builders Top 30 list this year. In recent years, a manufacturer needed to produce approximately 900 trailers per year to rank among the industry’s top 30 companies. That does not appear to be the case for 2007.

It is possible that one or more trailer manufacturers that previously were not listed in earlier Trailer/Body Builders reports may rank among the 30 largest trailer manufacturers in North America this year.

In an extra effort to make sure this year’s report is accurate and does not exclude a company that deserves to make the list, Trailer/Body Builders would like to invite truck trailer manufacturers to let us know if they believe their production last year might qualify. If your company produced more than 500 trailers in 2007 and you have not been contacted by Trailer/Body Builders, please e-mail Bruce Sauer at [email protected].

Results of this survey will be published in the February issue of Trailer/Body Builders.

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