Anthony has liftgate daily inspection videos

To help eliminate liftgate problems and downtime, Anthony Liftgates has produced several videos on simple liftgate daily inspections for truck drivers. The programs present five essential steps drivers should take at the beginning of their shift to ensure that liftgates will perform properly and safely.

The inspection, which can be done in less than five minutes, is applicable to any brand and type of liftgate.

The five basic steps are:

  • A complete visual inspection of the liftgate, checking for any damage.

  • Operating the liftgate through one complete cycle, being alert for problems.

  • Examining all bushings, pins, fasteners, and connections.

  • Looking for any hydraulic leaks.

  • Checking to see that all warning, capacity, and operational decals are in place and legible.

These new Liftgate Daily Inspection DVD videos are available at

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