Antares Releases New Flatbed Trailer

Antares Equipment, a specialty trailer manufacturer, has introduced a new 48’ flatbed trailer with a fixed wide-spread air suspension.

Antares Equipment, a specialty trailer manufacturer, has introduced a new 48’ flatbed trailer with a fixed wide-spread air suspension.

“We’re confident that the specialty vocations like steel- and chicken-hauling will appreciate the detailed and integrated quality designed into this new trailer model,” said Derrick Dilts, partner-operations. “Our goal is to supply to North American customers a lightweight trailer with the lowest possible total cost of ownership and outfitted with smart and long-life design elements and dependable components.”

Previously, Antares has manufactured flatbed trailers with dual air sliders.

Three compelling features/benefits about the new trailer:

  • Lightweight: Outfitted with steel wheels, the trailer weighs 9,400 lbs. with a 54,000-lb coil package and an 80,000-lb gross vehicle weight rating.  Optional aluminum wheels enable a 300-lb weight reduction.  
  • Corrosion protection:  The steel in the new trailer is hot-dip galvanized, from the complete beams, front and rear skirts, bumper assemblies, corner assemblies, suspension cross-members, and to the suspension hangers.  The floor sills, flooring, and side-rails are tensile strength (6) aluminum for superior corrosion protection.
  • Replaceable parts:  Purposefully, the new Antares trailer does not require welding nor painting should a replacement part be necessary.  For example, the entire kingpin nest assembly can be removed in the field by removing 16 bolts, and the same with the front and rear skirts, corner assemblies, and bumpers. The trailer maker offers bolt-on suspension hangers.

“Dropping an axle has never been easier with this new unit,” offered Bobby Horton, PE, Antares engineering partner. “Replacing a hanger is easily accomplished. The dry-bulk and liquids markets have been doing this, and it’s a design transfer from that market. It fits our mantra of easily serviceable/easily replaceable, so it’s right to offer it to our customers.”

“Part(s) replacement with this new trailer is simply a no-brainer. We can quickly ship a fully galvanized, ready-to-install genuine OE-quality part, without the need for torching, welding or painting,” he added, emphasizing the company’s focus on supplying  fleets with economically priced equipment that boasts long life and high uptime rates.

All I-beams are punched in order that harness and air lines run through the I-beams (not over or under) for maximum protection – helping prevent damage from pinching or piercing on the top side where it meets the floor.

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