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Anjer providing federal DOT trailer inspections

Anjer Inc, which sells Maxon liftgate parts in Montgomery County PA, is offering federal DOT inspections for over-the-road trailers.

The federal DOT inspection consists of six primary levels of examination requirements that must be met annually before a trailer can pass inspection. The first level of inspection covers the examination of the driver’s documentation such as their license, medical examiner's certificate and daily duty records. The second level of the inspection is identical to the first level except for the fact that the inspector will not examine any parts of the trailer that require them to physically get under the vehicle. During the third level of the inspection, the examiner will take an in-depth look at the driver’s documentation and the trailer’s seat belt.

The fourth level of inspection consists of a special study of a specific part of the vehicle to verify or refute a suspected trend. During the fifth level, the trailer will be inspected based on the requirements of the first level but without the driver being present. The sixth and final level is an inspection of any radioactive materials that may be present.

As a certified DOT inspector, Anjer Inc. will examine trailers with the hope of detecting potential safety problems and work to address them before they can escalate into larger issues. If a problem is detected with a trailer's parts or accessories, drivers can have them repaired using Anjer’s trailer repair services. Their multi-bay shop is equipped to handle most trailers, truck body, and liftgate repairs.

Those interested in scheduling a DOT inspection or purchasing Palfinger liftgate parts in Bucks County PA can call 800-598-3981 or visit

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