Ancra Forms Strategic Alliance with MK Jourdan

Load-securement specialist Ancra International has formed a strategic alliance with MK Jourdan, Inc, which has satellite offices in Mexico City, San Jose, Costa Rica, and Bogota, Colombia, as well as corporate offices in San Antonio, Texas and provides sales and technical services to companies such as Firestone, Lucas Oil, Phillips Industries and Jost International.

MK Jourdan’s mission is to establish the appropriate link between Ancra’s cargo-control products and potential customers in Mexico, Central and South America.

“The alliance with MK Jourdan will allow Ancra to enter the Latin American market with a strong partner and an established network in that region. Taking the quality products that Ancra offers to Latin America utilizing a quality organization like MK Jourdan, Inc. will prove to be successful in our continued leadership of the cargo control industry” said Jim Calico, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Ancra International.

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